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Join char on IRC

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IRC is a cool protocol that hackers all over the world have been using for years. Many communities have a IRC channel.

To join a channel on IRC, you need to : #. have a client #. know which server is it on #. have an account (optioinal) #. join the chat

1 Server

Most of the IRC channels I know are on https://freenode.net. Check the server your community uses.

2 Client

First, freenode has an online client for you.

But I prefer to use Emacs, and luckily Emacs comes with a nice IRC client called erc.

Start it up with M-x erc, it asks you for server and port, just leave the default. Then for the user name you can just type whatever you want. You actually "use" the nick name before you register it on IRC.

Once you are in freenode, you can register your nick name by this command:

/msg NickServ REGISTER password youremail@example.com

To ""login" (IRC call it "identify"):

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY nickname password

3 Join a Channel

To join a channel:

/join #channel

For example:

/join #emacs

Channel names always start with #.

4 Useful Tips

4.1 How to "@" people

Normally you type the person's name and add a :. So @cooldude xxx would be cooldude: xxx.

4.2 How to see chat history?

You can't. You have to stay online to see the conversation. You can setup a remote server to stay online and ssh to the server to chat.

Written by Yuan Fu <casouri@gmail.com>

First Published on 2018-10-02 Tue 00:00

Last modified on 2018-11-11 Sun 19:21