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1 Emacs Subroutine   Emacs

Read subr.el.

2 Mathematics Penmanship   Beauty

Write better math equations.

3 Prettify Google Docs   Beauty

Make Google Docs document look nicer.

4 科学上网   Hacker


5 Jumping Around in Emacs   Emacs

How to move to places quickly in Emacs.

6 Organize Life with Org Mode   Org_Mode Emacs

Organize daily life in Org Mode, with Org Agenda.

7 Blog Re-layout   Web Design

Re-layout blog according to Practical Typography.

8 Blog in Org Mode, Revisited   Org_Mode Emacs

How to build a blog with Org Mode and without any framework.

9 Easy Bindings when Region Is Active   Emacs

Bind a set of easy bindings when region is active.

10 Emacs Keymap Precedence   Emacs

Which keymap overrides which in Emacs.

11 Ivy to Helm   Emacs

How and why I switched from ivy to Helm.

12 My Favorite Musicians   Music

A list of my favorite musicians.

13 Who Called My Function?   Emacs

Check who called the innocent function in Emacs. Useful to find the culprit in start up process.

14 Emacs Gateway Drug   Emacs

Tricks that can lure your friend into using Emacs.

15 Org Mode in Source File   Emacs Programming

Create header and fold/unfold entries in any source file.

16 Retro Terminal Blog Style   Design

I made my home page looks like a secret SCP style retro terminal archive.

17 Join Chat on IRC   Hacker

How use this cool protocol to chat with hackers.

18 Wanderlust   Emacs

Some notes I took when trying to setup Wanderlust.

19 My Favorite Animes   Anime

A list of animes that I love.

20 Use Indirect Buffers   Emacs

A cool hidden feature of Emacs.

21 Basic Sorting Algorithm   Programming

Study note about basic sorting algorithms.

22 Cool URI Does not Change   Hacker Web

An article I read and agree with.

23 Blog with only Org Mode   Emacs

How to build blog site with only Org Mode (and HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

24 Note About Domain and DNS   Network

Some notes I take when trying to add a custom domain to GitHub Pages.

25 Fancy startup screen for emacs   Emacs

Display something fancier on startup.

Written by Yuan Fu <casouri@gmail.com>

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