余日摇滚 Rock/day

这个系列是给没有接触过摇滚乐,但是想慢慢了解一些的人的。 虽然大部分是摇滚,但也有一些蓝调,爵士,灵魂乐和流行啥的。

This series is for those who haven't listen to much Rock but want to know more about it. Although the blog is mostly about Rock, there are some Blues, Jazz, Pop, Soul, etc.



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  • My Analog Journal: 这是一个油管主播,平时放一些日本 放克(骤停打击乐?),爵士, 流行之类的串烧。挺有意思的。This is a youtube channel that plays Japan Funk, Jazz, Pop mixes. Very interesting.

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适合从头听到尾的专辑。Albums that are good for listening from beginning to end.

Written by Yuan Fu <casouri@gmail.com>

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